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Just Black

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Each set consists of 10 adhesive nails and 1 prepset :

een 'how to prep your nail'
- instruction (english)
- nail file
- nagel buffer
- 2x alcohol wipe
- cuticle pusher
- 24 adhesive tabs

How to order

When choosing your size, it is important to indicate the correct size. You select this as XS, S, M, L or if CUSTOM. Is the option CUSTOM If necessary, enter your measurements in the shopping cart at the box: "Special Order Instructions"

Note the measurements in 'CUSTOM' as (EXAMPLE):
"Press on nail design" : ''Links : 2-3-4-6-9 en Rechts : 2-4-5-6-9''

It is recommended to first Sizing Kit to make sure you provide the correct measurements. If you have more questions, I refer you to our FAQ