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Soft Pink Bundle

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Each bundle will have 40 nails. You can choose 1 size and 1 style for each bundle.

Every BUNDLE will include:

  • an 'how to prep your nail' instructions
  • nail file
  • nail buffer
  • 4x alcohol wipes
  • cuticle pusher
  • 4x 24 adhesive tabs
  • 1x nailglue


* Make sure you know your nail size. See Shapes & Sizes *
** Please read our the FAQ & Shipping and Returns pages before ordering.**

If you know your exact sizes already, choos the ''Custom'' option at the 'Size' tab a and leave your sizes at the checkout comment box. If you are unsure, you can buy a sizing kit or measure this yourself. So we can make you the correct size press-on nails

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