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What is included with 1 set of nails?

There are 10 nails in all our press on nail sets.

Each order has 1 prep set :
- a 'how to prep your nails' instruction (English)
- nail file
- nail buffer
- 2 alcohol wipes
- cuticle stick
- 24 adhesive tabs

If you order multiple sets, you will receive 1x 24 self-adhesive tabs for each nail set.

There is no glue included. You can add these separately via our Extras.

How do I know which size to order?

You can get a Sizing Kit
order and use it to measure your exact size per finger. OF
you can measure your own fingers at home with a measuring tape and these
state when placing your order. On our Styles and Sizes
page you can see more information about how many millimeters for which size (0 -
9) hears.

I ordered the wrong nails, now what?

You have 24 hours to change or cancel your order. When this time has elapsed, the order is firm.

DO NOT take back wrongly ordered nails because these are to your own
choice to be made. It is therefore VERY important that you yourself
measure your nails correctly or purchase a Sizing Kit from us and that you
sizes note when ordering.

How long do the nails last?

With the right preparation, the nails will stay with the self-adhesive tabs
about 1-2 days. And with the nail glue this will take about 1-2 weeks
to be. The more 'heavy' work you do, the faster the nails
loosen/loosen up.

Can you reuse the nails?

The adhesive
tabs ensures that the nails can be used again.
If you use nail glue, you can file away the remnants of glue with a file
or you can buy a cheap electric file and use it for this
to use.

TABS | How do I remove my press on nails without damaging my own nails?

Adhesive Tabs

your fingers in lukewarm water, with a little bit of oil (olive oil,
sunflower oil, etc.). Let it soak for a while (10 min) and use e.g. from
cuticle pusher to gently push your nails away.

NAIL GLUE | How do I remove my press on nails without damaging my own nails?

Keep press on Nails: Dip your fingers for about 15-20 min in lukewarm water with a dash of oil
(olive oil, almond oil etc.). Then use the cuticle stick to
gently loosen your nail. Don't do this all at once, but little by
little until your press in nail falls off.

Do NOT keep press on nails: Place a cotton wool dipped in acetone on your fingers and wrap it with
aluminium foil. Let it soak for 10 minutes. After soaking, use
the cuticle stick to push away the press on nail. Let fingers dry
and file away the remainder. Make sure you use a cream or oil after this method
against dehydration.

Keep in mind that this method will damage your adhesive nail and make it unusable.


How long does it take before I receive the nails?

It takes 5-7 working days before your order is shipped.

When this has been sent, it will take approx 1-3 business days take before you receive your order.

For international orders it will be approx 1-2 weeks take time for European orders and 2-6 weeks for outside the European border.

Can I return my nails?

You can only return your nails if they are damaged or incorrectly delivered.

See our Returns page for more information.