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XS Coffin "the Imprezzables" Full Cover Nail Tips

XS Coffin "the Imprezzables" Full Cover Nail Tips

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Create your own sticky nails with these preformed nail tips!

These nails are exactly what you need if you want to have something fun on the nails quickly! To be used with nail tabs, nail glue or gel glue.

Instructions for use

  • Measure your nails according to the sizes available.
  • File your own nails, remove the shine with a buffer. Disinfect your nails. If necessary, remove or push back the cuticles.
  • Stick the tips on with nail tabs (1-2 days), nail glue (1-2 weeks) or gel glue (1-3 weeks, UV/LED lamp required).
  • File off the shine and reshape the nail as needed.
  • Remove the file residues and disinfect with alcohol.
  • Apply a base coat.
  • Apply nail polish or gel polish (UV/LED lamp required) Multiple coats if needed.
  • Apply a top coat. Matte or glossy. What you want!
  • AND you are ready to go!

The nails are easily removed after application. See our FAQ

If you had a Prep kit Need, then it can be found on our website!

Extra short coffin shaped nail tips available in 10 sizes that run from size 0-11. With a total of 600 tips.

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